How did I start My Professional career?

After graduating I found a challenging project at the NIOO, I was invited to write a scientific article for dr Koen Verhoeven. After 2 months I had to look for something else though. I found a job as a Junior Researcher in the Plant Breeding group. Challenged by the idea of working with next-generation sequencing data and developing genetic markers I started my career as a bioinformatician. Over the course of a year I’ve learned my way around Linux, Python, CLC-Bio and software development in general. I’ve done a lot of de novo transcriptome assemblies and SNP-detection. Based on the QualitySNPng framework I’ve developed a set of scripts allowing for advanced selection of SNP’s between and within cultivated plants.

PhD & Bioinformatician

At this moment I have two main jobs, working as a PhD at the NIOO and as a free-lance bioinformatics consultant for my company Deena Bioinformatics.
I do my PhD-work in the Verhoeven lab at the NIOO studying transgenerational aspects of stress induced epigenetic inheritance in dandelions.
As a bioinformatician I specialize in Genotyping By Sequencing data analysis and SNP detection. Contact me at for more information

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